Pack Mat – the solution to deep bed

Have you seen our Pack Mat system?
The Pack mat is a mattress installed below the level of the curb.  It stabilises the bed and ensures the comfort of a deep bedded system with the management, and cost, of only a few inches.  It is particularly good for sand beds.
Metcalf (1)  - Pack Mat installation
In this unit they have 450 cows.  Normally they would expect to use 8 tons per cow/year, however now the Pack Mat has reduced the sand usage to 3.6 t/cow/year.  This is a considerable saving in labor and management.
Additionally, you can see that the beds are consistent so the positioning of the cows is superior to a deep bedded system.
Metcalf (2)  - Pack Mat installation
Here you can see the mattresses, sitting just below the level of the curb and ready for sand to be introduced.
Metcalf (3)  - Pack Mat installation
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