The self-cleaning water trough, just lift the handle



  • Stainless steel drinking trough 
  • “Dry hands” drainage system, simply lift the handle to release the bung 
  • Tapered design for complete drainage leaves no residue
  • Straight bottom provides access for robotic scrapers
  • The valve is protected from the animals by an insulating wall also serving as a first protection from frost
  •  Design avoids any contact between animals and the water supply
  • The rubber bung is not affected by frost
  • For wall mounting, but can be floor mounted on feet

Benefits of Stainless Steel Water Troughs


Polyethylene and concrete enhance biofilms forming on the surface of the water trough, however stainless steel and galvanised steel does not, and comparatively stainless steel is best.  This is important considering a poor microbiological quality of drinking water may adversely affect feed intake, herd health and productivity, in addition to increasing the risk and spread of diseases including ecoli and johne’s disease. 

Files & Resources

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