A quality rubber offering supreme support and comfort in the dairy shed

Dairy Grip Rubber

Dairy Grip is designed for dairy housing floors.

It will reduce foot, leg lesions and sores while minimising fatigue when standing on concrete. Used at the feed barrier it is proven to increase feed intake levels.

Dairy Grip is a 20mm rubber with heavy steel cables throughout. This means it will not stretch and become misshaped.

More Features

  • Major reduction in foot and leg lesions and soreness
  • Reduces fatigue from standing on concrete
  • Increased cow performance and longevity
  • Used at the feed barrier, cows will spend more time eating, resulting in higher milk production
  • Reduced hoof trimming and doctoring

Reasons why rubber belting is superior to competitors:

  • Average thickness is 20mm
  • Long lasting
  • Will not stretch
  • Tough – withstands punishments of skidsteer and automatic scrapers
  • Steel cable, when installed properly, allows belt to hug the floor providing a solid rubber floor effect

Files & Resources

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