‘It’s all about the cow!’ exclaimed Andrew Wilson it doesn’t matter if new product looks better and more developed if it doesn’t improve conditions for her we are wasting our time in product development and in the advice that we give to our customers when they renovate their existing dairy or building a new one.

Today Wilson Agri specialises in the happiness of cows, through not only cow comfort in the cubicle, but in the design of the building using correct dimensions where we measure cows to ensure that the building is built to suit your herd and your goals. We supply everything for the internals of the building, from cow mattresses, cubicles, passageway rubber, tip-over water drinkers, lights & ventilation curtain. All of these to ensure that the cow has a clean dry comfortable bed, with clean fresh water and air, with reduced pressure on the hooves when turning at the feed barrier.

Meet The Team

Our People Are Wilson Agri

Gareth Wilson
Gareth Wilson
He manages the warehousing and manufacturing that is carried out in N.Ireland. Gareth ensures that product comes in on time and gets delivered on time.
Stephen McIntyre
Cow Comfort Specialist
Stephen, brought up on a dairy farm and has been with Wilson Agri Ltd for sometime now, having set up time lapse of barns here in Northern Ireland, he has a good knowledge of the latest methods that the company use to improve best practice on dairy farms.
Charlie Sutcliffe
Senior UK Sales Manager
Charlie has been with Wilson Agri Ltd for over 6 years now and has a wealth of experience in improving the comfort of dairy cows, in both new and existing buildings. With his own farm at home he has a knowledge of current trends in the industry and the running day to day of a farm.
Matthew Evans
Matthew Evans
Area Sales Manager, Wales, Midlands and South
From growing up on his family farm and with over 10 years of experience working in agriculture, Matthew has the knowledge to give your cows the best comfort. Able to offer bespoke shed design ideas to maximise return on the customers investment.
Product Development
Daisy is 5 yr old Holstein she produces 12,000 litres per annum. She rests on Gel Mats, mooving from one new product idea to the next and telling us what she thinks about it.
Andrew Wilson
Research & Design
Andrew works with the rest of the team to develop new cow friendly products and to focus on quality and its continued improvement. To ensure that every year we are making cows happier than we did the year before.
Ivor Davey
Cow Plan Ltd.
Ivor, who worked for Wilson Agri Ltd for 14 yrs, now runs a consultancy business which specialises in providing plans and layouts for new dairies or improvements to existing ones. Cow Plan acts as Sole Agent/Dealer for Wilson Agri Ltd in the South West of England.
darren wilson agri
Darren Hamill
Dairy Design Adviser
Asides from being our Rep for Antrim, L'Derry & North Tyrone Darren is our in house Dairy Design expert. Coming from an agriculture background Darren helps customers with all their needs from budgeting for their forthcoming projects & maximising efficient cow traffic systems. Offering detailed plans which help customers clearly visualise how their dairy will develop.
Product Development
Annabelle is an Ayrshire, smaller than Daisy but concentrates on quality rather than quantity, she rests in comfort on a Pasture Mat with double pad. She finds her job udderly wonderful.
David Armstrong
Area Sales Manager Tyrone, Fermanagh & West of Ireland
David is our friendly representative covering the the Western counties of Ireland with a background growing up on a dairy farm in Tyrone he understands farmers needs and is always happy to take your call.
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