Cowcoon Cow Stalls

The Cowcoon hybrid stall offers stability, comfort and control, in the gentlest of manners.

How it works

Through timelapse and slow motion videos, pressure sensitive pads and further methods we carry out detailed research to see how to keep cows happy and increase production on the farm.

This leads us to create industry leading products that help farmers get the best out of their cows.

And we ship these products all over the world.

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Why choose a CMP Ventilation Solution​
CMP is the Italian leader in the design and manufacturer of ventilation technologies. With a company dairy farm on site at the headquarters, research and development is based on a real commercial business. This gives CMP fans a distinct advantage over other providers, because they understand what cows need for optimum performance. Every dairy shed is different, and with a range of over 50 fans, we are sure to have a fan suitable for your business.
The fan motors designed and manufactured by CMP Italy ventilation experts, are proven to use over 40% less energy than those of other livestock fan providers. In addition to energy efficiency, the shape of the aluminium blades, distribute more air, over a greater distance, to manage a consistent climate throughout the building, enhancing animal health and welfare.
CMP's Reversible Feature
CMP fans are the ideal solution for cooling and ventilating both small and large open environments. Boasting a standard reverse feature, CMP fans also distribute warm air from overhead during the colder months, proven to dry bedding materials, which is becoming evermore useful with rising bedding costs.
Heat Stress in the High Lactating Dairy Cow
Harper Adams dairy specialist Dr Emma Bleach advises that at a humidity level of 68 or above, a high yielding cow experiences heat stress. This level causing heat stress is already reached when the temperature is 22oC and relative humidity is 60%, which are frequent conditions during the British summer.
CMP Fans
Made from aluminium, these fans will not corrode or rust, and are therefore a worthy investment.
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Happy Customers

Common Questions

Are they made of plastic to save money?

No. The plastic part of the stall is designed to keep the cow more comfortable and prevent bruising and swelling.

Does the plastic just wrap around the steel?

No. The plastic part of the cubicle is hollow allowing it to flex with the cow. It is not there to protect the steel but to give more comfort to the cow.

Will the plastic break easily?

No. The plastic has been specially designed to withstand the cow’s weight.

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