Cowcoon Cow Stalls

The Cowcoon hybrid stall offers stability, comfort and control, in the gentlest of manners.

How it works

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A polyethylene tube on the lower body of the stall partition guides the cow, offering ductile support to her body thus hugging the cow, ensuring that she rests securely, comfortably and without the risk of bruising or swelling commonly associated with all steel partitions.

  • Lower polyethylene tube removes corrosion
  • Acts as a shock absorber alleviating stress
    on the front mountings and the cow
  • Reduced load from 29Kn to 12.5Kn (over 50%)

The Cowcoon is available in 2 mounting systems:

  • Floor Mounted
  • Post Mounted

Common Questions

Are they made of plastic to save money?

No. The plastic part of the stall is designed to keep the cow more comfortable and prevent bruising and swelling.

Does the plastic just wrap around the steel?

No. The plastic part of the cubicle is hollow allowing it to flex with the cow. It is not there to protect the steel but to give more comfort to the cow.

Will the plastic break easily?

No. The plastic has been specially designed to withstand the cow’s weight.

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