Cool Summers
Keep cows cool, comfortable and performing optimally with our range of fans developed on Italian dairy farms.
Dry Bedding in Winter
Boasting a standard reverse feature, CMP fans also distribute warm air from overhead during the colder months, proven to dry bedding materials, which is becoming evermore useful with rising bedding costs.
Aluminium Blades
The shape of the aluminium blades generates more airflow over the entire speed range while maintaining low power consumption. These blades create optimal area coverage, speed, and air delivery to the space below.
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Why Invest in Ventilation?

Short Term Benefits:

Long Term Benefits:

When experiencing heat stress a cow stops eating and 2-3 days later milk yield and quality declines.

Leading US dairy consultant Michael Wolf explained following analysis of the UK dairy industry, if a UK dairy farmer experiences a yield loss of 2.25kg a cow per day, over a 6 week period a 100 cow herd with a milk price of 0.25p experiences a loss of £2,350.00.

The cow spends more time standing, to expel excess heat, which increases pressure on her hooves exacerbating the lameness burden.

Impacts of heat stress are not limited to the dry cow alone but the body temperature of her unborn calf also increases. This alters the calf’s metabolism and gene expression, resulting in smaller calves at birth and negative implications for the calf’s lifetime performance, and negatively impacting future generations of the herd.

Heat stress lowers reproductive performance in cows by increased internal temperatures depleting hormone regulation. This reduces oestrus intensity, decreasing embryo implantation and decreasing rates of embryonic death. In the same way, heat stress in male animals causes changes in sperm conditions further depleting the chances of reproductive success.

Poor reproductive performance causes an increase in culling rates as well as reduced performance of dry cows in her subsequent lactation by causing setbacks in mammary cell development.

Heifers treated for pneumonia as calves had shorter longevity than their cohorts, achieve your herds genetic potential by ventilating your buildings (Closs et al., 2017).

Our Best Selling Fans

All Purpose Fan
  • Silent
  • Uses 40% less energy than any other fan
  • High volume - Low speed

All Purpose Fan
  • Specifically for the beef and dairy industry
  • For intensive climates
  • Minimal maintenance

All Purpose Fan
  • For buildings with restricted height
  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • Silent


Ventilating Calf Units

Ventilation in the calf unit is critically important for the success of any cattle business. While milk yield is the most obvious loss following a period of heat stress, there are greater and more serious costs and implications including respiratory health and herd fertility, and that are too often overlooked.  

Pneumonia is the largest issue slowing calf growth rates and preventing heifers calving at 24 months
(Tyson, 2011)
The annual cost of calf pneumonia to the UK cattle industry: £80 million
(NADIS, 2023)
Calves born during September through to February had significantly greater odds of being treated for pneumonia.
(Cusack et al., 2003, MacVean et al., 1986, Taylor et al., 2010).
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Why choose a CMP Ventilation Solution​
CMP is the Italian leader in the design and manufacturer of ventilation technologies. With a company dairy farm on site at the headquarters, research and development is based on a real commercial business. This gives CMP fans a distinct advantage over other providers, because they understand what cows need for optimum performance. Every dairy shed is different, and with a range of over 50 fans, we are sure to have a fan suitable for your business.
The fan motors designed and manufactured by CMP Italy ventilation experts, are proven to use over 40% less energy than those of other livestock fan providers. In addition to energy efficiency, the shape of the aluminium blades, distribute more air, over a greater distance, to manage a consistent climate throughout the building, enhancing animal health and welfare.
CMP's Reversible Feature
CMP fans are the ideal solution for cooling and ventilating both small and large open environments. Boasting a standard reverse feature, CMP fans also distribute warm air from overhead during the colder months, proven to dry bedding materials, which is becoming evermore useful with rising bedding costs.
Heat Stress in the High Lactating Dairy Cow
Harper Adams dairy specialist Dr Emma Bleach advises that at a humidity level of 68 or above, a high yielding cow experiences heat stress. This level causing heat stress is already reached when the temperature is 22oC and relative humidity is 60%, which are frequent conditions during the British summer.
CMP Fans
Made from aluminium, these fans will not corrode or rust, and are therefore a worthy investment.
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