Merryfield Farm Cowcoons

We are rapidly becoming more and more impressed with the result from units which installed the Cowcoons hybrid stalls.  We launched the Cowcoon in summer 2012, and while we still offer the C50, customers are telling us of great lying times and high yielding cows in all of our installations.
Corp (1)
This unit for David Corp, Merryfield Farm, was installed in December 2012 and the cows transitioned from straw yards.  At Merryfield farm they have seen fantastic lying times and well occupied cubicles.
Mr Corp said “…it’s great to see all the cows lying down and we are really happy with the performance of the unit”
Corp (3)
Corp (6)
This is a four row barn with two single rows of cubicles either side of a central feed passage.  Overall there are 174 cow spaces, installed on great bed lengths at 1.143m centers.
We installed the floor mounted Cowcoons, complete with our Pasture Mat mattresses and 20mm Premium Pad foam, and MoovApillow brisket barriers.
The cows position really well and occupancy is always very high.
Corp (4)
Corp (5)
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