Scottish installation for Mark Callendar, Dumfriesshire

Wilson Agriculture are pleased to work with another progressive dairy farmer who certainly sets a standard for the industry.  In 2012 we installed a 248 cow building with Cowcoon cubicles, Pasture Mat mattresses and 30mm pad and our MoovApillow brisket barriers.
This farm is milking 900 cows in total and the hard manager is Peter Petrie.  Wilson Agriculture’s northern UK consultant, Charlie Sutcliffe has spent a lot of time working with Peter, in order to optimise the comfort for the cows.  Peter told us how he uses the new facilities for his high yielders and currently the 248 spaces houses 251 cows with an average daily yield of just over 38 litres.  The aim is for this whole group to average over 40 l/d.
The image below shows Charlie and Peter discussing the benefits of the Cowcoon stalls when the cows are lying against them.  The farm has seen a reduction in back lesions and abrasions and they are extremely happy with the level of comfort and production achievable by the cows.
Callendar (6)
Callendar (2)
Callendar (3)

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