Housing cows in robotic systems – Seminars

For the past 12 years, Wilson Agriculture have had close links with many new milk robot installations.  Some of the sales teams are specialised in layouts for milk robot dairies.  In robot installations, the housing is critical as this relates so closely to how well the cows use the robots.
Ivor Davey, from Wilson Agriculture, has a strong reputation for independent advice and knowledge about all the robots available to UK dairy farmers.  We have been pleased to work with all of the milk robot suppliers and it is often Wilson Agriculture cubicles and mattresses installed in the first installations when manufacturers launch in the UK.
Through this close relationship, Ivor Davey has become a regular speaker at the ‘Planning For robots seminars’ organised by Healthy Cows UK 
The next seminar is Wednesday 4th September 2013.  Ivor Davey will be speaking on ‘Adapting and planning buildings for robotic milking units
RobotSeminar - Sept3013
Ivor will discuss the reasons behind the choice of milk robots, and explore the building layout options of guided flow, feed first or free access systems.  He will also look at the overall farm layout, and then focus on ventilation design, water and feed access and focus on space per cow.  Obviously, there will be discussion on cubicle design and mattresses or alternative bedding solutions.
RobotSeminar images (1)
This is a great opportunity to learn about milk robots and consider the options for layouts and building design.  Also, you will hear about feeding cows on robot systems, hear from farmers who have installed robots and visit a milk robot unit.
Please contact us for more information on this, or future seminars on this topic.

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