Key Features

Each BedMaid model has unique characteristics with these similar features consistent throughout the BedMaid range of machines.

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Operator Comfort
The BedMaid range offers exceptional comfort for the operator. A waterproof saddle seat is positioned accurately from the steering wheel to give optimal vision and control, ensuring no strain to the operator when loading the hopper and cleaning the beds. Foot pedals provide additional support and comfort.
Easy Loading
The loading task is simplified to the pull of a lever. Operates by a hydraulic ram system the 500L capacity hopper tilts allowing the operator to load in a matter of seconds. Positioning the hopper at the front of the
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Minimal Air Pollution
The air quality benefits of the BedMaid range are obvious with the ELV machine. ELV is fully electric featuring a 4.7KW variable speed lithium ion battery the machine is fume free providing a clean environment for milk producers and their herds. This is also a benefit internally within the machine, with no air, fuel or oil filters the machine requires little maintenance.
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Minimal Noise Pollution
The BedMaid E10 and EL20 models feature a noise threshold of 98 decibels operated through the silencer system on the exhaust. ELV boasts a 60 decibels noise threshold which is quieter than the sound level of a household vacuum cleaner of 70 decibels. This is advantageous for both the BedMaid operator and livestock.
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1.8m Turning Circle
The BedMaid range of bedding machines have a uniform size measuring 2522mm long by 1000mm wide. This compact side makes Bedmaid ideal for both large and small cubicle sheds, with a turning circle of just 1800mm. The fast switchover from one- to three- wheel drive and the efficiency of BedMaid cleaning and refreshing 200 cow cubicles in less than 20 minutes to the optimum standard is exceptional.
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Ideal for Dead Ends
BedMaid is the ultimate solution for bedding every cow stall. The brush, scraper and hopper are strategically positioned at the front of the BedMaid ensuring the very last cubicle on the row is also cleaned to the optimal standard.
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